Tuesday, March 31, 2009


For quite some time I've been itching to visit my Mom and Annie, and Pandora. These girls are pretty much the only souls I keep in contact with from my home town.
A nice little 30 minute train ride east led me to an entirely different world. Something I used to be so comfortable with made me feel entirely out of my element.

Monday, March 16, 2009

dreamers club

Yesterday, in a hangover haze, Tyler and I went out to brunch/ mimosa's and wandered around the wet streets. We ended up at Dolores park and shifted our buzzed state into dreamers mode. The houses on the hill, above the park are special places. From the clean, modern design, to art deco, brazen, Victorian style houses. Lush green gardens, and five story mammoth houses got us drooling. Tyler and i will be dreaming about these lavish homes. But for now, we'll cope with our modest, young lifestyle.

switching it up

comfort zone- hair loose and wavy, ankh necklace, Tibetan opium necklace, and some fur with a flowy garment..
this particular occasion i decided to step out of that realm and jump into something entirely different. it was good. I'm thinking about ditching my 'comfort zone' and start having a little more fun with versatility.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Ifound these shoved in some cupboard at work and Jeremy gave them to me. (my new obsession)

And I also found a shirt from American Apparel with my initials... magical. I know

Saturday, March 7, 2009

animal collective

Zana's pictures+ mine..

When all else fails, go ethnic.
Last night i officially concluded that my wardrobe needs revamping, so I resorted to a fun, furry printed ensemble. My animal collections inspired me. I am what I covet.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

$700 glasses?

Seema took some pictures of me in Claude's studio downtown. She threw her prized possessions on me- I was surprised she even let me touch them.. considering those Chanel glasses were the last pair in the U.S and she drove all the way down to LA for them. around $800 later, after gas, food, and a place to say, she snatched the big Chanels.. That's determination.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Today is nude and I'm still coming up with a look to coincide with this concept.. Give me some advice if you can think of a good look to go with it.

Revolving my outfit around NARS Jungle Red. It's the perfect shade of red, so i put on my consevative little turtle neck with my tightest pair of jeans and went for a 40's/50's inspired look.

Wearing vintage fur and coat, YSL lip color number 12 with NARS Scarlett empress liner.

This week, I've been revolving my outfits around my lip color. I don't have enough money to buy new clothes, it's too cold to wear fun prints or patterns, so i add a splash of color to my face to slightly revamp my 'outfit repeats'. It makes all the difference and it gives you a new identity with each color you glide on. It's like getting a haircut or jumping around in different eras.

NARS! matte nudes, Jungle Red and Scarlett empress..

friday the 13th is magical