Monday, May 11, 2009

un-touched portfolio shots:

One long night.

These shots were taken for my personal portfolio work. I styled, produced, and modeled.
Photographer- Claude Shade (my best friend/mentour).
Make up artist- Lisa Ribar.
Hair- Jayme Fletcher.
It turned out to be an all night shoot (from 9:00pm- 5:00am) My original model flaked on me, and we only managed to get three different looks in, but once the finishing touches are incorporated, it'll be worth all the sweat, blood and tears put into this.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


not swine, but spam shit on my lazy laptop.. (this is my vindication for not putting anything up for quite some time)..
although loads of upgrades have entered my life, leading to more posts; I've found the fountain of youth, i met peter pan in the flesh, taxidermy and oil paintings are at an all time high, tarot and palm reading is an every day thing, therapy sessions are orgasmic, always creatively stimulated, and stole the holy grail..

friday the 13th is magical