Saturday, August 22, 2009

lara stone keeps me reading magazines

well maybe not the only reason, but i must say that fashion magazines and designers haven't exactly been throwing me at the edge of my seat..
lara stone and her brigitte bardot meets kate moss aesthetic is really giving me the clear air i've been waiting to receive from the industry,
god bless her.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Friday, August 7, 2009

cancerous affairs

i've been hiding at the bottom of the sea with these crabs-- creating, loving and being. these beautiful cancers have entered my life, and their crab-like clench is a sweet everlasting one.. (significant signs i guess)

celebrating their birthdays' by making a delicious dinner with wine and greyhounds at our friends' lavish loft in the soma. this is just a taste of what's been brewing in our world.

pic 1- this is my clairvoyant cancer, will. he makes beautiful music, cooks delicious birthday dinners, supplies humor, and completes this trilogies' family dynamic.

pic 2- this is mysterious/malicious mark. he's another aesthetically pleasing factor of our cancerous affairs. it's a family, and like will, like a cancer, he knows how to laugh and toy with life's realities.

this family functions and thrives because we're able to live life without fretting, anything dark (or 'normal') is mocked. we know how to value the humor.

last shoot i worked on:

I've been testing with my friend- Laura Anne, a photographer/ stylist, and we pump out as many creative shoots as possible.. this is just a taste of the most recent one we worked on.. somewhat last minute-Laura Anne literally found this spaniard while shopping at Urban Outfitters downtown and felt inclined to approach her and ask if she'd mind being our model.. (ruthless)
Just a fun little project, incorporating garments from our wardrobe and stores in union square, but an overall success based on the fun that we had.

as always lara stone was the inspiration.. (for the W shoot with alex white's impeccable styling)

sweet inspiration

prop hunting for photo shoots at the lovely brisbane prop-shop. kind of a glimpse into my dreams.

time for catch up!

apologies and extreme guilt/regrets for not being able to collage and reveal the beauty i've been able to embrace!
(i'm a jerk!).. but i've held onto my peter pan, i still bathe in the fountain of youth and i've been hearing, meeting, doing, touching, living, smelling and seeing the most beautiful, pure things!
life is good.. inspiration is at an all time high.

.. just a few of my favorite things..

strolling in the park with mark

need i say more?

Monday, May 11, 2009

un-touched portfolio shots:

One long night.

These shots were taken for my personal portfolio work. I styled, produced, and modeled.
Photographer- Claude Shade (my best friend/mentour).
Make up artist- Lisa Ribar.
Hair- Jayme Fletcher.
It turned out to be an all night shoot (from 9:00pm- 5:00am) My original model flaked on me, and we only managed to get three different looks in, but once the finishing touches are incorporated, it'll be worth all the sweat, blood and tears put into this.

friday the 13th is magical