Tuesday, June 2, 2015

I think I was possessed the other night.. The moon gets bigger and I get weirder... Well, everything around us gets weirder. I couldn't sleep all night because I had this fear that someone was trying to get in (whatever that may mean), and when I finally did get to sleep my fear of someone being present and trying to intrude was carried over into my sleep state... All night there was a pretty dramatic thunder and lightning storm.. It was actually quite beautiful. My very maternal and considerate neighbor, who lives downstairs in the brownstone I live in brought up an umbrella and put it on my door for me. In my sleep i heard her put this on the door knob and it raised me out of my laying sleep to a standing, walking, and talking sleep. I stood up and yelled 'HEY! HEY!'.. I could hear and feel myself doing this but I had no control over my body or my voice any longer. 'Why is someone trying to get in? Does this happen to you?' I could see my hand reaching for the door knob trying to get out but I couldn't. I felt overwhelmed and paralyzed by my lack of control and immobility so I went back to the bed and collapsed. I woke the next morning to a message from my neighbor asking if I was ok... This could have a psychological explanation. This could have been some sort of higher message. Maybe it has something to do with the vulnerability of living alone, or the result of a loud storm keeping me up... it could have just been a weird night. But I have a strong feeling, and a physical response to this event that someone, or something was trying to get in.. To me. To my body. As I told my friend about this experience, she said she had the same thing happen to her last time she stayed over. A sleep walking state that had her wake up as she was walking out the front door. She also had this fear that someone was trying to 'get in'.. The human brain is quite powerful and maybe subconsciously had us walking in our sleep, to the door was its way of protecting us and removing us from that something that wanted to intrude. I'm really not sure what this means, but the moon mixed with the mysterious mind has a lot of questions and events unanswered. As scary as it may seem, I think that it's beautiful and a further reminder that there IS so much more to our existence and consciousness than we can fully conceive- well, for now at least. Our conciseness seems to be expanding collectively, constantly. Happy Full moon

Monday, June 1, 2015

My solo music

Can we sit with our feelings today? Can we look people in the eye? Listen to our deepest thoughts and feelings? Acknowledge our subconscious? What if we focused on the reality of so few having so much and so many having nothing. One in seven people starve to death every year. Our planet is being tarnished by greed. We are living in a scary horrifying sci-non-fi, we just need to WAKE UP! If everyone, collectively tried this for one day, we would probably begin to question the way our world is being operated and would think more about becoming an active member of society.

friday the 13th is magical