Saturday, February 28, 2009

Thank you+Mi Ami

Thank You

Mi Ami

Friday night at Hemlock, there was a joining force to bring spiritual fulfillment. Baltimore based band Thank You, and our San Francisco natives Mi Ami. These bands just got back from their US tour and are making a pit stop here in SF before they head off on the Europe route.
I've never danced more at a show in my life. DRUMS, screams, keyboard keyboard keyboard. It was truly a magical sound that evening.... Cosmic! Sexy. Awake.
Thank you Thank You and mia MORE Mi Ami.

The smoking room. (the end)

Finished off the show with a cigarette and hobnobbed with a very funny girl. (Keeping San Francisco strange)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Acrimony shoot

Jenny Chung's store 'Acrimony' in Hayes valley, is officially one of my favorites..
Great designers, beautiful ambiance, chic little layout and a light/positive energy. But the energy at the boutique last night was MORE than inspiring..
Once i get the final shots from the "real" photographer, they'll be up and running.
But here's a little sneak into what happened in the state of acrimony last night.

This is how good Rachel and I really are..


The creative collaboration of right sided minds. Acrimony boutique changed the pace of San Francisco in their store last night. Take a look at how amazing this stuff is:

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Isaac Vazquez

Isaac Vazquez.. My little secret treasure, my future husband & one of my all time favorites. I met him through my ex boyfriend a couple of years ago and his impact on my life is powerful. (one of my greatest friends)

I’m sharing these pictures, because I feel truly selfish for keeping these fascinating images to myself. He’s a very unusual, an introverted chap with an aura of mysticism and poignancy. His sentiment and ‘cool’, awestruck lifestyle is prevailed in his work.

The photographs are raw, they’re new, and they’re anything but contrived. A bona fide feel with a ‘This is San Francisco’ heart. There's an insouciance in his style, and it's that "something" that appears in the homeless, his friends, his boudoir, his projects, his girlfriends, his city. What Isaac has over the majority of photographers is an intriguing conveyance capable of expressing certain feelings without giving too much away.

Monday, February 23, 2009

We won't let a second go to waste- regardless of the weather.

Yesterday had all the potential to be a dull, lazy Sunday, but we went against the wet, cold forces of nature by packing in quesadillas, brownies, blueberries, magazines, The Oscars and a nice long stroll in the rain..
Zana lives in North Beach, and we had to get out, so we faced the dark, wet streets and headed down to China town.
China town has this mystical energy about it, but on a deserted, rainy, Sunday evening, it's spewing with loads of dark magic.

friday the 13th is magical