Tuesday, April 14, 2009

current inspiration

French Vogue with Kate. (I'm in dire need of inspiration..) I have a shoot this friday, and I'm completely out of ideas.. This is where I'm at for now.

It's easy, edgy, classic and incorporates some of my personal style. (I have no money, so I can't pull much)
it's all about improv..
wish me luck

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

the clutch

For magical occasions only.
When I worked retail, there was a gentleman that came in every week to see me.. Me- being the social person I am, became an acquaintance of this fellow, and talked interior design, and vintage apparel with him and apparently charmed him to the point of coming in more frequently. This led him to offer me to go with him to his other house in LA, then to Bali.
As much as I'd like to run away and be taken care of in a vibrant country, My logical thoughts refused.
Since I turned down the exotic travels, He offered me a designer bag instead. Initially refused, not wanting him to expect anything in return, but he was insistent.
...Since he was leaving in two days, I decided to point him in the direction of my current obsession.
A credit card swipe later, the clutch was mine.

A trip to Bali with a random 40 something interior designer, or a nice, pricey clutch?
I'll take a trip to Bali on my own terms.. (not relying on someone elses wallet to feed me).. But in the mean time, if you want to get me a mixed shell Celestine clutch that I could never afford, I'll take it. Thank you.

friday the 13th is magical