Wednesday, January 27, 2010

muir woods


getting in another mangled mess

right around the holidays. sick in bed for a day and the golden tangles make another debut. it took an hour of combing and a few hours of a massive headache to sort this one out.. gahh.

but strangely beautiful...

couple die in carbon dioxide accident. 1969.


The Family Fur

Mark, Austin, Myself and Will.

And the boys and I on a rainy night. staying in telling stories, watching a movie and playing.

tea, pumpkin patches, birthday magic

my birthday evening out-- FINALLY 21!
i lather everyone's pretty eyes up with my gold glitter

and birthday pumpkin patch bash with the family fur. magical

mirror. roommate. inspiration.

Will Ivy is who i share a bed with. We share a home with my other lovers, Mark and Austin. Im happiest when there's a friend who wants to play and laugh as much as i do!

seasons, birthdays, holidays, dawning

beginning of fall. Nikola's beerfday. a perfect pot luck with loads of champagne, poppers, candles and dear dear friends.

filled spaces

life's been anything but predictable. nothing old, nothing 'normal', and certainly nothing dry. the time away from television, web, and pop culture in itself, has been most beneficial for spiritual and mental growth.
music. words. love. humor. adventure. experiments. knowledge. lust. home. happiness.

friday the 13th is magical